Machines for piling poles

240-S 850 JOULE

Self-propelled machine for the insertion or screw supports for guard rails and rubber tracks.

Technical Features:
Weight kg 3000
Dimensions closed machine with lifted column: Length 1930mm Width 2200 mm Height 2600mm (without pole slide)
Movements hydraulic 1. Hammer starter stroke
2. Up/down movement of the hammer trolley
3. In/out movement of the slide stroke 620 mm
4. Stroke translator 130+130 mm
5. Column inclination from +10° to -51°
6. Slide inclination (training) from + 9,5° to -9,5°
7. Down/up movement of the column stroke 500 mm 8. Left track control
9. Right track control
Hydraulic system ON-OFF to open circuit
Hydraulic pump at gear
Power Oil sets on the machine 170 BAR
Capacity oil tank l. 120
translation's speed of machine 2,12 KM/H
Engagement in HP 36
Impact power 850 joule
Impact rate 600/1340 stroke /min
Weight kg 160 in working time kg 305
Oil flow rate 50÷80 LT/MIN
Power oil sets on the hammer 170 BAR
Motorization Yanmar 3TNV88:
n° cylinder 3
Swept volume 1.642 CM3
Power at 3.000 RPM 27,1
Power at 2.600 RPM 23,5
Air cooled, completed with starting
Filter Electric and dry
Other motorisation HATZ 2L41C
ACCESSORIES INCLUDED WITH MACHINE Chain at four hooks for lifting machine (standard)
ACCESSORIES ON REQUEST - Mechanical extractor
- Hydraulic core bore 1 hole
- Pneumatic D.T.H. hammer